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Medicare Should Be An Individual Choice For Married Couples

Married couples are connected in many ways, but one place a bond might not be necessary is Medicare coverage. Medicare is something that couples should largely approach on an individual basis. It is not always wise to automatically select the same advantage plan as your spouse because you have different needs, and it is important to remember that Medicare does not offer family plans. Each enrollee has their own plan. Learn about some of the factors married couples should consider. 

Enrollment Period

Again, married couples tend to do most things together, but when it comes to deciding when to enroll for Medicare coverage, you may not want to wait on your spouse. Enrollment into these programs is based on your birthday. The window for enrollment opens a few months before an individual's 65th birthday and closes a few months later. 

When the standard eligibility window closes, applicants who apply earn this coverage with a higher premium, as there is a penalty for enrolling outside the normal window. It is also worth noting that even if you have not been employed for many years, if you turn 65 before your spouse you should enroll right away. 

While there are premium advantages that you can earn from your spouse's working history, rest assured that those benefits are automatically applied when your spouse is of age, so there is no need to wait. 

Individual Health Status

You and your spouse should have a good grasp on your current health status, in that you have a general idea of how much medical care the two of you need. All Medicare plans provide coverage for medical visits, but some offer coverage for a greater share of the fees associated with these visits. 

Naturally, for someone with a condition that requires frequent visits, a plan with a higher benefit may be the better choice. On the other hand, someone with no preexisting condition may only need to visit the doctor a couple of times a year. 

If you and your spouse's health needs are on opposite ends of the spectrum, consider getting two different advantage plans. However, if they are similar, you may both be able to elect the same type of plan.  

The choice of which Medicare plan you select is not one to make without much consideration. You want to take these factors into consideration, as well as a few others. For more information, contact a company like Chehalem Insurance Associates, LLC.