Understanding The Intricacies Of Insurance

Why Insurance Companies Need Your Car's VIN To Give You An Auto Insurance Quote

To get an accurate quote for car insurance, the agent you call and speak to will need a lot of details about you and your vehicle. One of the details the agent will ask for is the car's VIN. Agents need this number to learn more about the car you own, and here are some details about this that you might want to know before you call for a quote.

The Definition of a VIN

A VIN is a number that is unique to a car, and it stands for vehicle identification number. Your car will have a VIN, and its VIN will be different from all other cars ever produced. This number reveals a lot of important details about a car, and that is the main reason you must supply the number if you want a quote for coverage.

Where to Find It

When you call to request a quote, you should have this number handy, but you might be wondering where to find it. Well, you can find it in several different places. First, look at the registration for the car. This document will state the VIN. You could also look at the title of the car if you have it, as this, too, will state the VIN. If you do not have either of these documents handy, you could go straight to your car. Every car has this number somewhere on it, and a good place to look is on the inside of the driver's door. If you do not see the number there, you could look up your specific make and model of car to find out where the manufacturer placed the number.

What It Tells Insurance Companies

An agent will look up your VIN after you give it to him or her, and it will tell the agent a lot of things. For starters, it will reveal the vehicle's year, make, and model. It will also tell the agent what features the car has on it, and it may even tell the agent information about the car's title, such as how many accidents the car was in or if it has a salvage title.

If you want an accurate auto insurance quote, you will need to provide the agent with your car's VIN as well as a lot of personal details about yourself, such as your social security number. To get a quote or to ask questions, contact an agency that offers auto insurance coverage.