Understanding The Intricacies Of Insurance

Some Answers To Car Insurance Questions

New drivers tend to have a lot of questions about car insurance. Since car insurance is so important, they should have easy access to the answers to the questions that they do have. Therefore, if you find yourself having some questions about auto insurance that you haven't found the answers to yet, then read the information here because you just may find a lot of the information that you are looking for.

How much do you have to pay for auto insurance?

There are many things that come together in order to determine your insurance premium. Most insurance companies will give you a six-month price. You will have the option to pay the entire premium all at once or to pay it monthly. When you pay it monthly, the total amount you owe will be divided by six to determine what you owe each month. Generally, you can save a few dollars a month by getting your bills electronically and by paying through automatic payments in which the payments automatically come out of your bank account each month.

Some of the many things that come together and are considered to determine premiums include the length of time someone has been driving, their record, their age, their marital status, the type of car they drive, their driving habits, where they park their car, etc. When you are getting insurance, you want to be sure you have all this information to give the company, so you can get your quote fast. Another thing that determines your premium is the type of policy you get. You can go with just liability, you can go with higher limits and lower deductibles, you can go with full coverage, you can get roadside assistance, and more. The more you add to the policy, the more your premium goes up, but the better your protection will be.

Do you have to have insurance at all times?

You don't only have to produce proof of insurance when you are involved in an accident. Since it is the law that you need to carry auto insurance, you will also be asked to show proof if you happen to get pulled over for a driving infraction. Each state will have its own penalties if you are caught driving without insurance.

If someone else drives my car are they covered?

In most cases, the person you lend your car to will be covered under your insurance. However, in order for the insurance to pay out on a claim when someone else was driving, that person must be licensed. Also, if they have their own insurance, then in most cases yours would be the first insurance and theirs would be the secondary insurance.

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