Understanding The Intricacies Of Insurance

Public Adjusters: Like A Lawyer, But Better

Public adjusters are insurance people who fight for those who have a claim against their insurance companies. While you can certainly hire an insurance claims lawyer, they tend to cost more up front and at the end of the services rendered. The public adjuster takes your case with the intent of winning and getting much more than what you are typically entitled to under the claim so that he/she can claim ten percent of your winnings. Here are some of the pros that public adjusters have over hiring a lawyer.

Public Adjusters Do Not Require a Retainer

Most lawyers, regardless of the branch of law practiced, will expect a retainer of at least a thousand dollars and at most five thousand dollars. Most homeowners trying to settle a claim on an insurance policy are trying to get a settlement for less than the retainer that the lawyer charges, making it not worth their while to retain the lawyer. However, a public adjuster does not require a retainer fee. He/she wants a contract that allows him/her to claim ten percent of the compensation awarded to you. So, if you are able to win a thousand dollars from your insurance claim, the adjuster claims one hundred dollars. That is a very fair fee for what you gain. 

Public Adjusters Know Exactly What Kinds of Insurance Loopholes and Unclear Language to Look For

Sometimes the language of an insurance policy is unclear. That is exactly what leads you to the situation you are in now. You believe you have a right to compensation under your policy for something that happened to your home, but the insurance company says you do not. The adjuster examines all of the wording of your policy and looks for loopholes and unclear language. Then the adjuster turns those contract issues into cash by pointing out these problems to the insurance company and pursuing compensation until the insurance company pays up. The adjuster knows a lot more than a lawyer about what to look for, and how to present it in a clear argument with the insurance company. 

The Adjuster Has Focused Interest in Your Case

Lawyers work multiple cases. They know they will get paid regardless because they already got the retainer from you. Public adjusters, on the other hand, only get paid if they work really hard at getting your claim paid. They have a more focused interest in your case than a lawyer would because they want to be paid for their work.