Understanding The Intricacies Of Insurance

What Will Workers' Comp Help Pay For?

Anybody injured while performing the duties of their job is not completely out of luck. It is possible to file for workers' comp to help recover from the monetary losses you suffered as a result of the injury. However, many people are not sure what workers' comp will cover. Here is an overview of what you can expect for compensations for a workplace injury.

Medical Bills

The primary expense that you will have to deal with is your medical bills. You may have had an emergency room visit, co-pay, follow-up visits, and other expenses related to seeing doctors. Know that these costs should be covered throughout the duration of your recovery. Medical coverage will also extend to medications that are necessary to help with recovery and ongoing health problems that are related to the injury.

Durable Medical Goods

If you need any type of durable medical good to help with recovery, that expense will be covered as well. You may have needed to get crutches, an air cast, wheelchair, or even something as simple as bandages to help wrap a wound. If you are buying the product due to your injury, you will be receiving compensation for it.

Physical Therapy

When an injury leaves lasting effects that affect your range of motion or comfort, you may need to go to physical therapy to help get you back to normal again. This is another ongoing expense that can extend far past when you end up returning to work. Just make sure to keep up with your physical therapy and not miss any sessions, or else you may run into an issue where it appears as if you have fully recovered when you have not.

Lost Wages

Any injury that causes you to miss work and miss a paycheck can be a reason to receive those lost wages. They won't be for the full amount that you would have made if you were capable of working, but it will be enough to help make sure that you do not fall behind on your bills since you're unable to work.

Job Retraining

If your injury has now made you unable to perform your old job, you can expect to receive training on how to perform a new job that you are not physically capable of doing. You can expect this to be training for a job similar to what you were currently doing in your field if possible.

Reach out to a workers' comp insurance provider to learn more.