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How DBA Insurance Helps American Workers With Dengue Fever

Construction companies leaving the USA take their workers into potentially dangerous situations all the time. One of the worst of these exposure risks is the multitude of diseases that occur outside of the country, such as Dengue fever. Thankfully, high-quality Defense Base Act or DBA insurance can help those affected with this disease.

Dengue Fever Is A Global Problem

While construction workers in the United States of America may not have to worry about Dengue fever, those who travel to other parts of the world to work on or near military bases will be exposed to it. This disease is spread via mosquito bites and causes flulike symptoms throughout the body, including fever, headaches, nausea, and muscle pain.

Unlike other diseases, which American workers may be vaccines for before going overseas, Dengue fever cannot be treated or prepared for before traveling. As a result, those who travel to just about most parts of the world suffer an increased risk of experiencing the sometimes severe side effects of this problematic condition.

Exposure To New Diseases Can Be Problematic

While Dengue fever is an annoying problem for people in affected areas, it can be even worse for those who are traveling to these zones. Exposure to new viruses often increases their potency as the person's body has yet to build up any antibodies to protect against them.

As a result, an American traveling to Africa, the Caribbean, or other areas affected by Dengue Fever may suffer from more severe symptoms than the natives. Thankfully, treatment is available in these countries, care that DBA insurance can pay to cover.

DBA Insurance Can Help You Out

Companies that possess DBA insurance before going overseas provide their workers with help against the development of Dengue fever. While there is no cure for this disease, there are medical procedures that can decrease its severity and minimize a person's pain. And, thankfully, DBA insurance will help pay for these procedures when a person travels overseas.

DBA coverage will kick in whenever a covered worker is injured or sickened due to their travels to a new country. A person with Dengue fever doesn't even have to develop the disease due to work or prove that work caused their disease. Instead, their coverage will kick in to provide them with the help they need to get through the week-long suffering.

So if you are a construction company manager planning on taking a large number of workers overseas soon and you'll be traveling into Dengue fever territory, please don't hesitate to get DBA insurance. It will not only protect your workers but keep you from serious lawsuits.