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3 Reasons You Do Need Business Insurance As A Home-Based Writer

Your writing career has flourished and it seems your dreams of being a full-time, at-home writer are coming to fruition. This is a time for celebration, but it is also time to start taking your writing career seriously, more like a business. People who have home-based business models often assume that there is no need for business insurance, especially those with most of their interactions being online or by phone like writers. However, even home-based businesses sometimes need the safety net that business insurance provides. Here's a look at some of the reasons you do need business insurance as a writer who works from home. 

Your equipment will be rightly protected. 

Think about the equipment you use to perform your daily writing routines. If you are like most professional writers, you will have at least one computer, a laptop, a printer, and possibly even things like expensive software, phone systems, and other equipment. In the event that something happens and these items are destroyed, having business insurance will ensure that you can get your items replaced without taking a huge financial hit to your business accounts. Without insurance, your homeowner's policy may not pick up the tab because the equipment was business related. 

Your business property will be protected from liabilities. 

Even though your business is technically your home, if you have a business associate stop in and they get hurt on or inside your property, you could be held liable for their injuries. Because the injury is business related, your regular homeowner's insurance may not pay. Therefore, having some form of business liability insurance is a smart move. On the same note, if you do something in your writing business that causes harm to another person, liability insurance will be a huge saving grace. For example, if you write something about someone on your blog and are sued for slander, your liability insurance may help. 

You can let clients know that you are fully insured as a writer. 

When you are able to tell clients that come to you for work that you are fully insured, you are letting them know that you are indeed a thoughtful professional. Even in the writing business, clients want to know that they can trust you and your business. Even though the risks may be smaller, they are definitely there, and having business insurance shows that you are serious about the protection of your work and your clients. 

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