Understanding The Intricacies Of Insurance

3 Questions You May Have About SR-22 Insurance

If you find out that you need SR-22 insurance in order to keep your driver's license, you might wonder what this even is. SR-22 insurance is something that is often needed by people who experience a lot of traffic violations, and here are three commonly asked questions related to SR-22 insurance.

What Is SR-22 Insurance?

While SR-22 is often called insurance, it really is not a type of insurance. Instead, it is a letter that documents that you have a sufficient insurance policy in place. When an insurance company offers you an SR-22 policy, they are basically giving you a regular auto insurance policy; however, they are also giving you a form, called an SR-22, that you must give to the DMV. This form proves you have insurance on your car, and it is something you need in order to keep your driver's license.

Where Can You Get It?

SR-22 insurance is something that most car insurance companies offer; however, this type of policy is considered a high-risk policy. Because of this, getting SR-22 coverage costs more than a typical auto insurance policy. If you want to find the best rates for an SR-22 policy, you may need to contact several insurance companies to ask for quotes.

What Happens If You Do Not Get It?

Choosing to ignore the letter that tells you to get SR-22 insurance is not a good idea. If you fail to get this coverage, you will lose your driving privileges. When you receive notification that you need SR-22 insurance, the letter will include a date. This date tells you how long you have to obtain the SR-22 insurance policy. If you do not have proof of the policy by the date, and if you do not show the DMV proof by this date, you will lose your license.

It is much easier to keep your license by getting the SR-22 insurance than to have to go through the process of getting your license reinstated. In addition, if you drive without a valid license, you could end up in more trouble, and you could end up losing your driving privileges for many years. You can easily avoid this by getting the SR-22 policy right away.

If you need SR-22 insurance, you should contact an insurance company quickly. Most car insurance agencies offer SR-22 insurance, and you can call around to get quotes from several companies if you want to find the best rates.